Smart cars need smart drivers…

…which I am clearly NOT!

not yet anyway.

5 in the morning. Crescent moon. no traffic, Charles de Gaulle airport 2D terminal crowded. Easyjet crowds. Finnair empty. Good seat. Small aircraft. Airbus out Embraer in. Cost cutting? Foggy so late start. Smooth flight. Snowless Scandinavia. Iceless Baltic. Smooth airport. Efficient car hire. So far so good.

« Your Skoda Octavia is an automatic, sir. Super latest technology. Very nice »

Car door opens. Nowhere to stick the key in. Skoda manual in Finnish. An assistant miraculously appears.

« Of course I can show you how to start this, sir »… »It’s a smart car with a smart key ». « Just press the brake pedal and push the start button…like this, sir ». « No need to use the key ».

I felt very silly.

But I did learn something.

Incredibly sunny day. Air at 9 degrees. Road at 31 degrees. Smooth drive to Turku. Warm welcome at the Hostel. Check in. Log on. Write this.

Now back to Helsinki to pick up Mike, Amine and Mouad, who arrive by Lufthansa (bet that’s Airbus) late afternoon. They’ll drive here. I’ll wait for Sebastien and William and watch the moon rise…

Oh, and the smart car is too smart for the 20 CDs I brought with me. There will be no more rolling through the forests in the archipelago to the sound of « First we take Manhattan and then we take Berlin » unless we download Leonard Cohen onto our smart phones.


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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