The Sun’s story…

These are the very short stories of our nine (as of tomorrow afternoon) ITMP graduates.  They are like the Sun in yesterday’s three body celestial syzygy.

Aurelie’s internship was and is her job. She is project manager of a pharmaceutical LABEX (Laboratoire d’excellence).  Being out of her nanotechnology domain means the science doesn’t interfere with the management. It’s a complex, ambitious 7 year project with over 500 participants in 24 locations.

Cedric did his internship with a leading aeronautics manufacturer. He seriously upgraded their interface management program and most of his recommendations have been adopted. He hopes to become fully bilingual by the autumn and is not sure whether to go to California and Ireland.

Jean Jacques has been working on two fronts. He’s consolidated his skills and expertise in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) world through his thesis but has also started a company offering innovative housing services in Sub Saharan Africa.

Klintio did her internship (and is now working) on a huge information systems (IS) project. It’s a change from her energy engineering background and she is still enjoying the novelty.  Her observations and fieldwork on the way the project is being managed will be vital when she starts her own consultancy company.

Mayu, who has a new job as a consultant in Japan, did his internship in a living lab in Poitiers.  We already reported on his excellent thesis which centred on co design and user experience. This angle has given him an edge in Japan.

Mohamed started a company last summer and managed an IS project for AXA. He now has a new mission for a multinational company on Business Process Design which takes him to London once a week…including tomorrow – which means he’ll miss the degree ceremony and is probably why he’s organised a dinner for us all!

Rabah gained valuable insights on how a huge service company can have the guts to go for a highly innovative IS solution. He was involved in the selection process and now works in the PMO (project management office) of enormous IS refont programme.

Saddek spent 6 months in the stratosphere of Information Systems Governance at Danone working on two interesting IS projects one of which had to do with portfolio management.   From his thesis it seemed like this was a subject he’d like to explore further.

Sarah also did her internship in a PMO for a big insurance company. She’s now working as a project manager at Orange but has also started a company and already has a team of 5 working on a real innovation which she promises to unveil at ESIEE in the autumn.

In another post we’ll look at some of the things the seventeen ITMP2014 warriors, who are just two weeks away from their internships have accomplished in the last two months. Tomorrow morning we must all cross our fingers for them…


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