The facts, nothing but the facts…

In Pietarsaari Finland it has been a nice sunny day. The sun sets early – around 3.30pm.

The seminar on using programme antiprogrammes for innovation started at 9.30 and went on until 3.15pm.

We were in a very original brand new arts building which is wrapped around a former eighteenth century lace factory. Astonishingly big and well equipped with exhibition spaces and concert halls, where students mix with artists. It is called Campus Allegro

There were 12 active participants who are enrolled in the annual FRAM leadership programme run by the Abo Akademi since 2010. This was the 4th time I have run this seminar. It is always a pleasant surprise that executives in Finland take this approach so seriously.

One of the participants was Ruth Illman, former PBI researcher (in comparative religions) whose PhD defense Stéphanie Fen Chong and I attended in summer 2004 in Turku. Now Ruth is a programme director. It was great to see her again. Perceptive as always and asking difficult questions about the distinction between « fiction » and « fact »!!

Two of the participants gave excellent preliminary programme anti-programme analysis of their strategic projects. Both were important cultural projects.  These I think will help the others to use PAP for their projects tomorrow.

We are in Ostrobothnia, which is said to be the entrepreneurial heart of Finland.

We had lunch in an amazing place called « After Eight ». The founder came to talk about the history of this very special place which was started in 1987. It deserves a special story.

Then we finished off the seminar with some controversy exercises. I left to explore the Allegro building while the FRAM partcipants spent a few hours discussing the Steve Jobs biography by Isaacson.

I discovered an incredible exhibition by Dan and Lia Perjovschi from Romania. Dan’s work was downstairs. Witty and bold black graffiti on white walls. His website does no justice to the effect of walking into the space. But I loved the incisive black humour from the Balkans. Lia’s mindmaps and mini installations of knowledge are tiny, spiderlike writings on plastic on various themes including particle physics. Google image her name and you’ll see.

At 5.30pm all 15 of us sat down in the concert hall (which seats 400) and had a private, personal perfomance. Sibelius song a capella plus 3 arias from Porgy and Bess from a 2012 (baritone) and 2013 FRAM (soprano) participants. There were absolutely no antiprogrammes. It was a magic moment.

Now back to ESIEE Paris and the ITMP 2014 students to see what their creativity workshop will produce!






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