To Didier in Vancouver

How wonderful to get a post on this blog from Didier Rabesoa. No Didier no Finnovation. He was the prime mover and motor behind our first ITMP study visit to Finland in spring 2000.

This summer he moved to Vancouver. There are at least six ITMPs in Canada now!

On my kitchen wall I write down important things. About 10 years ago Didier told me « hey have you heard about blogs? ». It’s still up there. Of course I had not. But he had.

A real technology fan and a lead discoverer.

In 2000, I remember following Didier in the snowy streets until we found Linus Torvald’s office and his office mates in the Computer Science Department of Helsinki University. Real serendipity.

So here’s a vey warm transatlantic and trans Rocky Mountains « hello » to you!


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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