Aix was cool…

…but warm if you see what I mean.

Thanks to our colleagues at the Turku School of Economics I was invited to run a Project Management intensive course at the IAE Business School in Aix en Provence this week.

Sixteen very bright international students (American, French, Dutch, Chinese, Indian, French, Portuguese) doing a tri-country Masters degree (after France they will move on to Turku and then Tilburg) called IMMIT worked under pressure and produced four good handbooks on project management : Aalto, Chanel, Eiffel and Jobs.

They put me under pressure too. I was up till all hours of the night mailing back comments and correcting quizzes…but this also boosted me into a high energy orbit for kicking off the next ITMP programme in 4 days’ time!

This must be the eighth iteration of the book project approach in the last two years and I’m still learning lots. With this year’s MOTIS students in October I realised that short, intensive sprints, at the end of which something concrete HAS to be delivered work much better than « vaguer » deadlines.  So I’m confident that this year’s ITMPs will come up with something good too!




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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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