Drama on the roads… as winds continue to blow

…Well, I think unfolding innovation and science is just as dramatic as any good Mexican or Brazilian telenovela. These innovation sagas would make great TV!  Classic examples which my former Professor and longstanding friend Harry Rothman brought to ESIEE in the 90s were the story of the discovery of DNA and the Manhattan project (both starring Jeff Goldblum for some reason – James Watson in one and Robert Oppenheimer in the other).

I also think that emerging technology stories are just as valid controversies as the more public ones like e-cigarettes, Shale gas or Bisphenol A. Not all of my colleagues agree with me on that.

But for those who do, here are a couple of nice stories from today’s MIT Review:

1. Think of all the battles, struggles, lobbying, engineering and investment that will be going into this story on driverless cars…

2. If you want wind farms to thrive, decrease the subsidies instead of decreasing them, argues Kevin Bullis here.

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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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