Finnish time or ISBS time?…

It used to be that I’d say to my French students when we were taking a break in class: « Please be back in 10 minutes Finnish time ». Teaching at the Turku School of Economics, you could plan your classes to within 30 seconds and it would work. That was in back in 2006 and maybe just about 2009. Since then, it’s like anywhere else. Multitasked and polychronic.

So what a nice surprise to get all twenty something programme antiprogrammes from the first year ISBS students on time here in Paris!

Passing exams, driving licences, setting up music groups, getting an internship in Oxford, modelling a roller coaster in 3D, persuading the family to get a smartphone for a 78 year old granny, getting a black belt in martial arts and other cases will be full of antiprogrammes, actors with interests, added (or nuisance) value, buy in (or opposition) and the likes. Downloading them was appetizing.  Reading them will be interesting.

All this because Christelle Fritz (my mentor who taught me this blog) suggested in June, when we were planning the 2013 controversy mapping classes, that it might help the students to map better if they did some programme antiprogramme work first.

I offered it as a « bonus activity » to the 190 ESIEE E1 students and got a handful (thankfully!), but made it a « must » for the ISBSes.

We’ll see in due course if this micro innovation actually makes a difference…

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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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