Thunderclaps, innovation and controversies

At ESIEE Paris we are lucky to have engineering profs who’ve been teaching on the controversy mapping course for years. One NOT teaching has been teasing me for years about how he’s going to join us but it’s always « next year ».  I hope he does because he’d be great.  For exemple this afternoon at the printers we bumped into each other…

« I’ve got a controversy for you » says he.

« Oh yeah? » say I (and think « this is another joke »).

« Modular phones » he says and explains the principle.

« That’s great » I say and ask him for the link.

So here are two links. To two different highly innovative phone projects. Two different controversies. Will these phone projects be able to overcome all the anti-programmes ready to ambush them?

The Phonebloks project we’ll know more about in 26 days time. There’s a nice short video. If you like the idea, you can add your weight to the programme side! The controversy here seems to be about giving more or less functional design power to the user.

The Fairphone project is more mature. It’s already in production and over 20,000 units  have been sold. There’s a good discussion on their site about how transparent the « fairness » actually is. The controversy here seems to be about giving more or less information to the purchaser about the economics and fairness of the supply chain.

Phone controversies are not just about EM radiation emission levels or Apple vs Samsung patent battles.


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  1. Amel Zaidat dit :

    J’espère être parmi vous et faire partie de cette vie d’innovation technologique

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