More serious innovation at ESIEE in July…

…and thanks to an excellent candidate for our 2014 ITMP programme, I had to be there on 12th July to interview him at 11 am.

So…I hung around and went to the 160 lecture theatre at 2 pm to hear most of the presentations.

innovation amphi

Whose presentations?

Well, these were the projects that got noticed by the juries on the ESIEE 25th June project day which got covered here. More than just noticed, they got 3 weeks of business model coaching and a chance to represent their ideas in front of another panel of entrepreneurs and experts yesterday.

MC was my Management Department colleague Eric Wirth. All the logistics and back up came from the Communication section.

About 50 people were there to hear the 180 second presentations and 420 second question and answer sessions.

Each team and project was briefly introduced by its coach. Then the countdown started and it was like a very long downhill skiing race.

180 seconds

How on earth can the presenters hit the right notes and strike up sympathy, trust and confidence so that jury members think « THIS particular innovation really deserves my backing »?

That was not MY problem, but the jury’s. Well, that’s not quite true. One of the teams had been coached by my Computer Science department colleague, Denis Bureau and myself in May and June. Their Spotn’Flash app has already been given space here.

my team

I didn’t see all 8 presentations, because of a meeting in the city, but, here are some of the teams before their 180 second ordeal…

boris This is Boris Tchangang, one of our  second year ISBS students. He has developed Medina’apps, a medical app for dosing pill intake, which won the 25th June grand prize! Great presentation (using prezzy!). He had slides ready to answer the questions. Most impressive.

Here’s a duo that is developing a robot 80% lighter than the 100kg one currently used by the Paris RATP (metro)

robot team

Their coach couldn’t come, so they had no piggy back intro, and were a tiny bit short on time.

Here are 3 teams

3 teams

Cassandra Rayer, in the background, presented a system which allows handicapped people in wheelchairs to access not yet properly accessible local shops.  60% cheaper than what’s currently on offer. This also won a prize on the 25th June. She had answers to all the tough questions.

This team developed some kind of gloveglove team but, alas, I wasn’t in the room when they presented it.

I didn’t get a picture of the smart supermarket trolley team – an RFID system for counting your shopping as you drop it into the trolley but also tracking your meanderings around the aisles… »which tin of beans?….this one?….no this one!….Ah, no beans at all! I’ll just have some peas… » So the business model includes refined dynamic customer data.  This service will obviously become a blockbuster, but who’s going to come up with the dominant design and when? That’s the big question.  A new supermarket trolley controversy…80 years after the controversy that led to the supermarket trolley as we know it – (wonderfully described by Catherine Grandclément here). Maybe some ESIEE E1 kids will want do their controversy project on these smart trolleys in September?

In any case, it was great to see that these young kids still had the energy and « sisu » to put in an extra 3 weeks work after the end of the academic year.

On Monday, I’ll find out who actually won.


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