4 interesting days in…

…Tel Aviv, where Mike and I flew from France to run a seminar for a group of public sector managers from Romania.  It was fascinating but more on that later! Many thanks to MoTIS student Ana Maria for her help with translation with some of our documents.

The streets of Tel Aviv were full of interesting innovations. Like these plastic bottle recycling containers which are transparent so you know when to empty them!


And electric scooters and bikes of all makes and sizes whizzing round the streets


and for smokers on the beach there are these little red cones you can take with you and stick in the sand for your cigarette butts. (Just like the Nation RER A café vernacular innovation for sugar wrappers).


The 8 digit numbers in the Finnovation quiz are Hofstede’s figures for cultural dimensions of

 Israel, France and Romania…! For once, nobody got this, so no prizes!


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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