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Scratch before you read and write…

…and learn to programme computers at the age of 4! This interesting New Scientist reports on an interesting pilot study at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, USA, where 4 to 7-year-old kids are learning using graphical blocks instead of text … Lire la suite

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Building a successful innovation pipeline is no easy matter…

…for companies as they get bigger and top heavier. This nice little BBC snippet shows that GE is trying to be ambidextrous. Six Sigma culture coexisting with Lean Start Up philosophy. I will consult the Hauschildt Innovation Bible tonight and … Lire la suite

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Rosalind who?…Rosalind Franklin! And she should have…

…got the Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA with Watson & Crick. A brilliant crystallographer, happier in Paris than in London where her brilliant career ended prematurely. All you Rosalind Franklin Project Management teams in Paris, Pretoria or Turku, … Lire la suite

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Wanted: one really good biographer…

…to flesh out this most intriguing and wistful article about the late Doug Engelbart (who invented and envisioned so much more than « the mouse »). The life, successes and immense frustrations of this incredible visionary engineer seem to resonate in perfect … Lire la suite

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Is innovation certification a contradiction in terms?

There are millions of certified project management practitioners in the world. PMI, IPMA, PRINCE 2, GAPPS, DSDM, SCRUM are just some of the PM certification frameworks. In our ITMP degree, I resisted the pressure to certify for years, then in … Lire la suite

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Callon and Latour are the Lennon and McCartney of STS…

…and if you add John Law, then it’s like Crosby, Stills and Nash. Bruno Latour has been more in the limelight in the past twenty years. But Michel Callon’s writings and actions are just as fundamental to Actor Network Theory … Lire la suite

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User centred innovation is one thing, people centred innovation is another…

…and this I realised early one Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago listening to my favourite radio programme.  A couple of hours ago, over the phone, I promised the far-off ITMP candidate with a strong interest in energy saving … Lire la suite

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L’été des controverses?…Ou du moins la matinée d’une d’entre elles…

…celle qui concerne le Gaz de Schiste, que les ITMP12 (Charlin, Xavier, Nathalie, Laurent, Roger) ont eu le bon sens de réduire au « Gaz de Schiste dans le Département de Seine et Marne », afin qu’elle rentre sous leur microscope. Ce … Lire la suite

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While France is on vacation ITMP alumni are active and Mamane…

…continues his exploration of Lean Management. Mamane (ITMP2000) started this series of articles in April. He followed up with another article in early May, and then one more end of May. Now he offers us two more. If you’re planning … Lire la suite

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MoTIS Cloud controversy poster makes headlines at FING…

…as Jacques-François Marchandise and Fabien Eychenne, authors of many interesting reports on digital goings on, hold up the excellent Cloud Computing poster the MoTIS students made for the controversy course in November 2012. Why? The FING’s 2014 white paper book … Lire la suite

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