There was a mega innovation midsummer party at ESIEE…

…on Tuesday 25th June.

I think it was Nicolas Trub’s idea in 2006 to have a project day that highlights all the innovation work that goes on there. I’ve missed all of them so far,  and was curious to see what it was going to be like.

Miracle.  Sunny morning.  Not many people there yet.

25 june street view

Over 100 projects to be presented. People sticking up posters.

25 june hanging posters

Mike and I have a stand for our humanities course with ESIEE second year students. His produced about 20 design projects.  Mine wrote 16 intercultural books. The two students below with their mock up to liven and colour up the gloomy ITMP and now MoTIS Masters corridor.

25 june sh213 book stand

This team 25 june girls bioimplant team did a study for an innovation design company on smart bioimplants.

There is a controversy concerning solar ovens! 25 june solar oven poster compressedSome go for concave mirrors that can heat water (left picture).  Others make glasshouse like heaters (right picture). But the ESIEE team’s design reconciles the two!

25 june solar oven team Their solar mirror heater has a glass lid.

There were lots of service innovations in the form of apps. This logo was designed by another clever ESIEE team. I hope they got a prize! Smartmedic helps you manage your medication. Especially designed for elderly people. Maybe this would have convinced my beloved mum to get a phone to go with her plastic weekly pill dispenser

25 june smartmedic logo

25 june smartmedic here’s the team!

A couple of weeks ago, one valiant D-school team told us that communication among the 70 students from 8 schools working on the 2014 solar house project wasn’t easy. This ESIEE team confirmed that. But they also said that when the D-school team set up a FB group, everyone joined it within hours.

25 june solar house team By the time I came back to their stand to take the picture they’d packed up their nice heating and ventilation system model, but they donned their hats specially! Kiitos!

I asked whether there was going to be a WBS for the house. I expect assembling it in the D school hall to make sure it works, disassembling it, transpoting it to the porte de Versailles site and re-assembling in less than10 days will involve lots of labels.  The team said they would find out…

Nicolas Trub’s solar bike stole the show! I’d love to do a programme antiprograpmme story of how it’s evolved in the last decade.

25 june nico in car

His first comercial website was designed by ITMP Masters students in 2004! Click here for today’s version.  Here he is

25 june nico andc jury compressed

with two jury members.

And here is the jury room

25 june jury sign

and here they are discussing the pros and cons of the projects.

25 june jury room

Alas, our MoTIS Actor Network Manager project team didn’t get a prize …

ant team project day

but don’t they just have attitude?!

By 730 pm, the 7 student ESIEE team, which delivered the original Spot’n Flash social meetup game on a multiplatform (Android, iOS & Wphone) finished its viva!

25 june scrum team

Though they didn’t get a prize, they were shortlisted and now have a fortnight  in the Cité Descartes incubator with a chance to win another prize.

By then ESIEE was empty again. The magic had gone.

Well, I thought, at least one day a year ESIEE gets close to Peronnet’s 1750 vision

17 june_ecole royale des ponts

of the look and feel of an engineering school. And, anyway, in 6 months time it’ll be Christmas.

Meanwhile the winners are here!


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2 commentaires pour There was a mega innovation midsummer party at ESIEE…

  1. Olivier dit :

    Hey great event !
    I wonder how long did they have to complete their project ? Did they have a budget ?

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