Controversy Circus Comes…

…to ESIEE this week.

The idea that engineering students can learn something by mapping technical and scientific controversies has been around as long as the trees that lead to ESIEE.

5june_controverses trees

It comes from maestro Bruno Latour, who started it at the Paris Ecole des Mines in the 90s.  We replicated the idea in 1999. Usually it’s a sort of Christmas present to ESIEE but this year it was more midsummery.

So, you wander into ESIEE in the morning and it’s empty.

5june_controverses rue vide

Then you see posters on the bare, concrete walls

5june_controverses 110 view

and more on the glass walls

5june_controverses gellule view

and still more just before you get to the coffee bar

5june_controverses marcel view

At 10am the evaluating start. Students gather round their posters.

5june_controverses expo starts

and explain their controversy to the wandering teams of profs

5june_contro team and profs1

5june_contro team and profs2

Who, after 4 hours of standing around, are sometimes whacked out

5june_sitting profs

Bruno stopped doing posters about ten years ago and went 100% digital. But the amazing ESIEE Paris architecture begs for covering the walls with something, so our students do both posters and websites. Here’s a selection of some of the posters this year’s engineering students produced:

This was my favourite

5june_milk purple compressed

with an incredible logo too!5june_milk purple logo

The chalkboard poster was great too!

5june_chalk board

Immortality definitely caught my attention!


As did another « How good is milk for you? » one


Here, a proud transhumanism team in front of their poster

5 june transhumanist quartet

And a few close ups of actor maps (required element)…

5june_carto1 5june_carto2

and timelines (another required element)

5june_timeline radio 5june_timeline sperm

All those control freaks who LOVE to show off how clever they are and how good their spelling is really go to town (to the fury of the poster authors):


And the critics flex their brain cells too…

5june_c'est nul

You’ve got another 48 hours to come and see for yourself!


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3 commentaires pour Controversy Circus Comes…

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  2. Torkel dit :

    Down the road there are no unsolved controversies, only unexplored new conceptions. And thats like Krys show, like going into the wilderness!

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