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There was a mega innovation midsummer party at ESIEE…

…on Tuesday 25th June. I think it was Nicolas Trub’s idea in 2006 to have a project day that highlights all the innovation work that goes on there. I’ve missed all of them so far,  and was curious to see … Lire la suite

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The Actor Network Manager became visible…

…on today’s Jour des Projets at ESIEE Paris. Five dedicated MoTIS students (from left to right Astrid HOLST, Mouaz AL SAWAF, Divij BABBAR, Carsten BOJERT,  and Anastasia AZAROVA,) presented an early version of this new Android application to the jury and … Lire la suite

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Degree or not degree? That is the question…

Yesterday Mike and I met up with a wonderful former ESIEE Engineering student. We saved his skin a couple of times. He had brilliant marks in some subjects – like computer science, languages and humanities – and lousy marks in … Lire la suite

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The « insoluble residue » of innovation policy

Encouraging innovation has been high on the agenda in France for at least 350 years. Since Colbert. The worldwide flavour of the last few decades has been clusters. This is what Jorma Nieminen, another Finnovation speaker last April, actually created … Lire la suite

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When strong winds blow…

« When strong winds blow, don’t build walls, but rather windmills: there is a way to turn every bit of adversity into fuel for improvement. » I’ve had an eye on the  New England Complex Systems Institute since its birth, well before … Lire la suite

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Underground innovation…

…is what France has, I thought in freezing February 2012 as I came out of Jacques Pary’s cellar, where he’d organised an Open Innovation OPEN’IN event. Now in June 2013 the Paris metro was hot and crowded but the station … Lire la suite

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Pirates ahoy! Radios in the 1960s… start ups today.

This Blueseed project (kiitos GIM student for posting this!) will interest Hannu and his colleagues in Finland who told our April ITMP Finnovation study group about the launch of the FLOATING WORLDS ten year long futures programme which has just … Lire la suite

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