Johtaja#1 in Finnish means…

…Director#1. And on the right of the picture (with Mike on the left) is Jean Christophe de Tauzia who runs the Cité Descartes Incubator just outside Paris.

22 may_incubator mike & jcdt

Jean Christophe is an MS ITMP alumni (1997) with considerable international experience in innovation financing and start up launching.  He’s in charge of the ITMP course on start ups and business models and generously shares his experience whenever visiting groups come to ESIEE from Russia or Finland! Now he’s busy assessing the thirty something entrants for this year’s start up competition.  He took us in to meet

22 may_incubator_esiee kids

Vincent Ngo and Saïsana Souvanlasy, respectively Marketing Director and Technology Director of eGG One School. Vincent and Saïsana joined this start-up five years after graduating from ESIEE in 2006.  Their company provides an innovative service which has cornered 80% of the French market – namely skype based one to one teaching and learning.  If you’re a gamer but not a yet a good enough gamer, then go straight to the site. There you have a gallery of champion gamers who’ll coach you for a modest hourly fee. Same goes for learning English.  Anything that can be taught and learned over skype.

Meanwhile, if you still absolutely have to drive to your lesson and are desperately looking for somewhere to park then you need to talk to Claude Avisse (like Mike is doing here).

22 may_incubator parking company

His start-up company, Parking Map, gives frustrated drivers a clear and real time overview of where in the vicinity there are places to park and how densely they are available. The secret is a little black box which (once embedded under the parking space) has a 10 year lifetime and emits the signals that are collected and turned into visually friendly green, amber and red bubbles on your phone’s map. When, French prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault visited the campus a couple of months ago and met the founders, he was so impressed with their service that he changed his speech and gave them a mention!

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