5 delights and one disappointment

DE#1. The nice breakfast was there as promised

16may13_essec isis breakfast

DE#2. Klintio and Rabah, from the ITMP 13 promo were there too.
16may13_essec isis_itmp class

DI#1. The Dean of the Singapore ESSEC campus, who was going to do the academic overview of the topic (which is usually really good and useful), had to cancel at the last minute, so there was no intro and we went straight into the 3 practitioner presentations.  There were about 50 people in the lecture at ESSEC’s La Défénce campus. This is where ISIS organises service innovation seminars every 2 months. Today’s one was on Information Systems and Service Performance.

DE3. Sadik Filipovic, of CSC, started by reminding us of the key role of services. There was a nice matrix of client satisfaction vs. simple and integrated services. Enthusiastic service was mentioned. It made me (a) wonder whether Orange Fibre connection was one of these. I spent 4 hours yesterday afternoon with the fibre installation specialist and was definitely delighted by the whole experience. SMSes and phone calls well before the hour to reassure me about the time and not to stress out if I was late etc. Then a great installation process. All my caprices taken into account. An extra fibre added (« cos it’d cost you 150€ to call in a specialist if you decide tomorrow »). Friendly phone calls from the service supervisors reminding me to evaluate the installation, etc. etc. (b) want to read even more attentively Johanna Liinama’s PhD thesis we picked up at the PBI a couple of weeks ago on « Integration in Project Business ».

Then Sadik went on to tell us about the Silver Economy, a 40 billion Euro business in France. It’s all about providing services to « les seniors ». And CSC has been active in designing the proto-proto-prototype (early days yet!) of the information system infrastructure and services this will involve.

This I thought would have interested ITMP12s Xavier Ilic and Marie de Heaulme, who did their internships on matters and services related to the elderly! Klintio’s 2013 MAPCO too was for the Regional healmth Agency in Orleans and had to do with installing electronic patient records in retirement homes (EPHADs in French).

DE#4. Christophe Lorieux is the CEO of Santech

16may13_essec isis christophe lorieux santech

Santech has been designing software solutions (progiciel) of which the final beneficiary (his term) will be elderly people. We saw screen shots of environments that will show us (elderly people) how our social life, our health and our daily life are going. There’s a nicely designed triple dashboard. We got some figures (3 and a half million diabetics, hundreds of thousands of strokes, 8k€/person annual cost of keeping elderly people at home) and the message that we all want to live at home as long as possible and preferably to die there too. Hospitals and EPHADs – yuk! This made me think of Mrs M senior’s final years (83 to 86) . Her amazing social network of loving friends and kind neighbours was instrumental in keeping her at home almost until the last minute.  Munich was not around the corner from Paris. Carers she tolerated. Technology (alarm wristwatch) was her ally and saved her more than once when she fell at home. But that was it. She was totally anti internet! However, all of us internet and smartphone baby boomer literates may find it easier  (let alone you lot in your forties and fifities). But even so the whole technocentric system of non-human actors that is being designed to keep us at home as long and as old as possible (sensors that tell you how often the fridge is being opened or the loo is being used at night, tracking your outlook diary to make sure you’re not too lonely, etc.) is a translation of all the human actors who’ve been caring for elders for thousands of generations by phoning, coming round, running errands, offering an arm or getting them to work. Somewhere I have a snap of a 90 year old smiling farmer sitting on a stool in a field carding wool in Sarentino in the Dolomites in 1974….

Anyway, Cristophe’s design attitude was definitely spot on: user centric, ecosystemic, focused on continuity of usage, etc.

Yes of course, he said, the human actors do resist. The medical profession can be quite conservative. But the pressure is coming from patients too. My quantified self is giving body monitoring data from my smartphone to my physician and asking her or him « so, doctor, how am I doing? »…

DE#5. was Eric Wyttynck the Director of Digital and User experience of the Accor Group – 3500 hotels, 450,000 rooms in 92 countries.

16may13_essec isis eric wyttynck accor

« Silos within information systems are being broken down because if the user has a multichannel view of things (direct, on site, call, web, mobile, social media), we the Information Systems people have to react in kind. »

Accor’s concerns include improving the user’s multichannel experience, responding to very personalised needs (here we saw a nice video of a boring business meeting in which everyone has a different hotel service fantasy), integrating social media like FB and taking a service approach to the hotel experience.

He gave candid accounts of how the various innovation initiatives were going.

« Solutions, he concluded, have to be flexible, scalable, rapid, and adaptable ».

Lots of short pilot projects.

In the final question session these last 4 points were reiterated by all 3 speakers:

« le temps des grands projets de 2-3 ans est complètement dépassé! On est sur l’agilité en 4-5 mois » or even more amazing « l’integration de la solution SaaS a couté moins cher que l’étude de faisabilité sur comment modifier le système actuel »

A morning well spent with much food for thought.


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