What now Nokia?

During Finnovation 13, Jorma Nieminen gave us an excellent overview of the birth of the Telecom cluster and especially the mobile phone part, with impressive examples of the early Nokia phones

day4_jorma and phones

Then on Saturday morning, Mike and I went to the town of Salo, about 50kms from Turku, where ITMPs 00, 01, 02, 03 and 04 had visited the Nokia factory. For me, that’s where the best Marimekko shop has always been, and I wanted to bring back something really nice.

Here’s what we saw instead:

day6_marimekko in salo

No more shop! Why? No more Nokia factory? Why? No more Nokia buyers? Why?

Well that’s up to the experts to find out.  And unfortunately, this year, José Teixiera, researcher at the TSE and a real expert on smartphone Operating Systems battles, was not in Turku to tell us!

Anyway, what we’d like to do is a sort of street poll among our French and Finnish students to see what you think about Nokia’s future.

So, if you have one minute, please click here and answer the poll!



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4 commentaires pour What now Nokia?

  1. mayutsuji dit :

    I think, Nokia entered too earlyer in the business of Smart Phone with keyboard system mobile phone, and they entered too late in Keyboard Less Smart Phone. Also, design was bit old style, no multi-language possibility with Symbian, etc…
    But the opportunity with new Lumia series is
    – Stylish Smart Phone with innovative technologies (New stabilizer for camera, Wireless Charging, NFC…)
    – Multi Language capability
    – attratictif price

    Also, problem is using Windows Phone system. Windows Phone (based on Windows CE or Windows Embedded for familiar with Microsoft technologie) was reputed very bad OS for mobile (and I confirm ! Windows Phone 6.5 and older Windows CE was unusable !!)

    No body, or few person knows that Windows Phone 8 is full scratched written OS.
    Now the problem is how to show that New Nokia and New Microsoft OS is different between iOS (Apple – Mac OS X based) & Android (Google – Linux based).
    Also now smartphone OS’s are increasing with Firefox OS and Ubuntu for Phone…

    So for Nokia & Microsoft, it is the last opportunity before final decline or the new opportunity to increase the share of Market.

    As, Android has bad reputation of security, iPhone 5 and iOS 6 was not so much innovative product, Nokia & Microsoft have a chance to increase there share. Better than RIM (Blackberry), I think.

    Sorry for this long message !

  2. markowskikrys dit :

    Message is good Mayu, because it adds depth to simplistic questionnaire which I hope will give us a snapshot impression

  3. June Fortuna dit :

    buen aporte , es blog es genial, lo voy a recomendar en fb para mis amigos ! gracias por la info

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