Finnovation challenge #6 answer

OK, what’s so cool about this?

supermarket fruit weighing machine

Winner gets a special Finnofiesta prize

Bonus of free membership of Finnovation to the first person who sends in a picture of an identical system seen in a French supermarket as well as the place.

Here’s the equivalent in my local supermarket in Belleville.

belleville supermarket

In France it’s an analogue system. Pictures of fruits and vegetables. Everyone dithers as they look for their type of tomato or apple and the stress level in the queue rises.  You wonder if you’d be insulting the weigher’s intelligence by pointing out the button…

In Finland it’s digital. No pictures, only numbers. You get four Granny apples, remember their code is 64.  Weighing and printing takes 3 seconds. Less stress.

In France it’s actually both analogue and digital, but no one bothers to label the fruit numbers…


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5 commentaires pour Finnovation challenge #6 answer

  1. Eric dit :

    Une machine à peser les fruits ….

  2. markowskikrys dit :

    Obviously! But what’s so cool about this one?

  3. markowskikrys dit :

    Nope! Something that makes the user experience much quicker and easier…

  4. Eric dit :

    La machine « reconnait » les fruits ou légumes pesés

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