Kiitos Mirkka…

teleste kiitos Mirkka

« …for such an interesting, warm and generous reception and presentation at Teleste », is no doubt what Jean Jacques is saying as he thanks her for a fascinating insight into what makes Europe’s #1 company in video and broadband solutions so successful. Teleste is 59 this year and 60 years old next year. We would have liked to stay more to hear about intelligent networks and all play the video game in which Matti the Teleste expert technician tries to repair the disrupted network quality.

teleste matti game

Our appetite for knowledge had no limits! All the delicate chocolate cakes except one were devoured by the ITMPs, Mike and Krys as we listened and discussed about Teleste’s strategies for outwitting its bigger rivals like Cisco by constantly being prepared to provide « customer centric tailor made solutions »

teleste_chocolate gone

Mirkka, who is CRM manager,  explained to us how Teleste was improving its customer centricness even further by paying close attention to « customer touchpoints ».  This led to a good discussion

teleste boardroom mirka and itmps

in which Rabah mentioned the Ecole des Mines C-K approach to innovation, passed the ball to Aurélie, who illustrated it through the concept of flying boats, then handed over to Klintio, who studied C-K when she was at the Ecole des Mines last year. We promised we’d send some information on this subject. As did Mayu when, after some reflection, he explained why he thought the Japanese market would be more accessible to Teleste now than when they first tried.

We have visited the company since 2005. We were impressed that in 2009, with the world credit crunch, a huge new factory was being built in Turku. We were amazed and delighted in 2010 to see visual management unrolling like the Bayzux Tapestry on a 60 metre long partition covered with post its which allowed everyone to see at once the exact state of play of any given project.

We were each honoured to receive a Teleste gift, which included a history of the first 60 years.  This is definitely Finnovation at its best, when sustainable, trusting relationships build up between Finland and France.

teleste final group


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