Very Finn ice…

…here in the Archipelago.  On the Western shore of the Moomin island which all ITMP Finnovation sutudents have been to the sea is still frozen.

After walking around the Moomin village and the hilly forests of the Moomin jungle where Klintio bravely crossed Fen Chong bridge

klintio on bridge 2

We headed for that Western shore.

itmp gtoup on the ice 1

where Mayu, Klintio, Cédric, Mike, Aurélie, Rabah and Jean Jacques walked on water…frozen water.

Five hours earlier, this smiling happy group had flown into Helsinki from Paris. Then we drove to Turku, settled into accomodation, had a little rest and headed off to Naantali, leaving behind Mohamed to rest after his major leg operation three weeks ago. At 1930 on Sunday 21st April, they were walking on thin ice!

itmp group on the ice 2

But they survived and walked along the lakeside, following in Emily Shiruma’s 2004 footsteps.

I followed too, even after my right foot, concentrating all 110 kilos, plunged through the icy crust, the icy water and shortened me by about 20 cms. But when you step out of your comfort zone you sometimes get wet.

Anyway, it made no difference to us and we continued our exploration and then headed back to the mainland over the long jetty, had lots of fish in the nice wooden restaurant, watched the sun set over the bay

naantali sunset compressed

and headed back to Turku.

Monday is rest day. Tuesday the real Finnovation starts



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