Fix it with Finland

I did get my fix this afternoon. That southern archipelago road just draws you in further and further away from the city. Now there are bridges where I think there used to be ferries. But to get to Nauvo there’s no bridge. You either take the ferry or you stop. You can always swim. But not in April.

ferry to nauvo ice

The ferries afre a public service. You don’t pay. But you wait. In the summer you wait because there’s a huge tailback. Now you wait because they’re few and far between. I was lucky and rolled on.

ferry to nauvo

ferry to nauvo

Nauvo is a long island with hundreds of islands around it.  I veered off south to one called Kirjais. In the middle of nowhere.  There’s a tiny little harbour in the summer.

kirjais harbour

But also lo and behold a café which said « open ».

gourmet food served here

gourmet food served here

I was just going to have a drink but the menu looked nice and I remembered that some summers they had the most amazing chefs there so I had a bite before heading into the dense forest down a long granity and snowy drirt track for a couple of miles until this popped out

stony beach at sunset

stony beach at sunset

This is where some friends built a house by the sea. To build it everything had to be brought in by boat. In the 60s there was no forest track. And on this mass of granite (Finland I suspect is a block of granite covered by a couple of feet of soil) is a little garden which is still dormant apart from this tiny tree

anne maij treelet

By the end of May it’ll be a kaleidoscope of colours and scents. AnneMaij is a gifted and imaginative gardner.   I was going to leave them a little sketch of something in their garden as a token of passage, but had dumbly forgotten the drawing kit at the café. So I went back, had a blueberry pie and drove to the village of Nauvo.  We have been there so many times with ITMP students. In early April 2004 four of them went swimming in the ice after a sauna. Are there pictures? I’d like to bring the ITMPs here to Nauvo on Monday. I think tomorrow we’ll take them to Moomin Island in Naantali and Fen Chong bridge (if it still exists). After that we have a full 4 day programme.

So, sated and purring like a cat, I decided to go for the 2117 ferry back rather than the 2230 one. That means I missed the amazing night sky, but I did catch thisnauvo evening ice

and this

nauvo branch

before the ferry hooted and I scuttled back on to join my car

ferry back


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4 commentaires pour Fix it with Finland

  1. lebandjile dit :

    I remember this place.

  2. lebandjile dit :

    I remembrer this place

  3. Michael Craig dit :

    I love your writing Krys. It’s very fluid.

    • markowskikrys dit :

      Thanks to Prof. Freddy Jevons whose vision was « numerate and literate » graduates and to Harry and other profs who’d patiently read our essays (« Nature and Human Nature ») and reward us with A+++ when we did things like write a play on the German Dyestuffs Industry in the 1860s…

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