Wikistage and autism : a city of two tales

Paris in the so called spring! Easter Saturday 2013. No more than one mile separates two events.

On the avenue de la République, at the ESCP Europe Business School, where the organisers of the Wikistage world première have reached their target. Overreached it even. More than 400 people in the lecture theatre for this first ever attempt to build up an event, stage and video based wikisomething community.  Passionate people from all walks of life sharing their passions in 6 or 12 minute windows.

Just off the place de la République, a jazzy 15 person brass band. Tubas, trumpets, drums and pipes, blue and pink and a couple of hundred people dancing with kids on their shoulders and posters in their hands: “Autism, major national cause in 2012”, “Autism, 1 birth in a hundred”, “school for all even for the autists”.

I couldn’t stay long at the Wikistage event. Just enough to hear Johannes’ punchy introduction, to hear Philippe Gabilliet telling us about the force of optimism, and Nicolas Bouzou showing us why there was no world crisis. I would have loved to stay to hear and see all the others. But we can see all their videos if we go to . Some in French, others in English.

The organisers would like these short bursts of in vivo passion sharing to spread. “No event without video and no video without an event” is the formula.  But we are all invited to replicate and innovate similar events, as Annina mentions in the interview on this blog.

As I left the enthusiastic, mainly twenty something audience to enjoy the event, I wondered how the programme-antiprogramme dynamics would unfold. I suppose we’ll be able to track and see the way in which the events spread.  In the interview with Annina, I recalled going, with my ESIEE MS ITMP Finnovation students to the first ever Mobile Monday event in Helsinki in early 2000 and something. That idea spread rapidly and now it’s definitely a black box. Not a huge obligatory point of passage like Wikipedia, but definitely a successful black box. That’s because the event logic is easy and simple to organise and reproduce and also because there’s hundreds of thousands of ongoing developments happening in the mobile business. High supply AND high demand. A real need for ideas and business exchange.  My guess is that Wikistage may become a black box if it hits on a user friendly medium that has the same ease of access to the video snippet and event gallery as Wikipedia and if it’s going to be as easy to find your way around the exponentially growing contents.  I’m sure there’ll be lots of events in the next couple of months. But lots of events won’t make Wikistage a black box and certainly not an OPP! But we’ll know more in a month or two.  Maybe an interview with Johannes Bittel next month?

That’s one tale. What about the other? The Autistic happening?

All those parents, families, kids, friends and relatives, watched by one or two busloads of policemen…and a few bystanders like myself?  Their event was about drawing attention to the importance of autism in society and to the exclusion of autistic children from the school system. And if Easter Saturday was the World’s first ever Wikistage event, then Easter Tuesday will be the world’s 25th World Autism Awareness Day. So that particular programme has been fighting its antiprogrammes for decades, and still people are not satisfied that enough attention is being paid and things are being done…”one in a hundred” the poster says…

What connects these two Parisian tales? At first I thought “nothing!” (except my need to drop into my bank at Place de la République, which I then discovered was closed over Easter weekend). But one obvious conection is that Wikistage could be an interesting forum and medium for explaining and sharing autism to a wider audience cause.

If someone were to make that connection then two Parisian tales could become one.


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Un commentaire pour Wikistage and autism : a city of two tales

  1. Kaushik dit :

    I love the way you associated this with programme-antiprogramme concept, and anyway, am so fond of your writing. Would like to know more about programme-antiprogramme from you in future. 🙂 Happy Easter Saturday !

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