Allez à la première mondiale de Wikistage à Paris le 30 mars!

1. Hi Annina. I’d like to find out more about this Wiki Stage World Première event in Paris on March 30th.But first of all a question about you. You’re from Finland. What do you do there and why are you in Paris?

At the moment I am studying in Finland two degrees, one Business Major in Leadership at Aalto University School of Business and Social Psychology in University of Helsinki. I’m very interested both in the business and politic world, and especially understanding the human behaviour. In Paris I am studying at ESCP Europe an exchange program, improving my skills in French and in general getting to know the culture and new things, just like Wiki Stage.
2. How did you get involved in Wiki Stage?

I heard about Wiki Stage through the school e-mail list and the description of the organization sounded so cool that I wanted to go and listen the kick-off event. After that it was easy to join. There is a very nice group of people from different backgrounds from students to entrepreneurs and professionals of different nationality. I myself held a TEDx speech 2011 in a cruise ship on the Atlantic ocean, it was a great experience and since then I have been enthusiastic about giving people the chance share their passion and inspire others.
3. What’s your role in it?

I am in the Public Partners team trying to get public funding for this not-for profit project, but in addition I’m trying to help with the promotion and everything else. In Wiki Stage you can do different things and the roles are not too tight.
4. You told me before that Wiki Stage is a bit like TED. Can you say a bit more about that?

Many of the people behind Wiki Stage team today were creating a TEDx event at ESCP last year that sold out all 400 places and the 16 live speakers and performers were streamed to more than 3000 people world-wide. The 20 short YouTube clips they produced, together have obtained more than 40.000 views until today. 


After the TEDx event, the student association that organised it worked hard to improve the experience of the event and developed a new brand that embodies their new vision: a global network of event organisers to create a video wikipedia.


So the inspiration is similar about wanting to create a venue for people to tell about their passion and share it with the world. It differs also in some ways, for example that it is from origin an European organization and the goal is to keep it as open as possible for anyone to organize their own event.
5. The Wiki Stage World Première is happening on Easter Saturday – March 30th. When does it start and when will it finish?

It will start at 1 pm in the afternoon and end at 19.30 but after there will be a cocktail session until 21.00 But below you can see a more detailed description.

13:00 Registration
13:30 – 15:30 Session 1
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 – 17:30 Session 2
17:30 – 18:00 Coffee Break
18:00 – 19:30 Session 3
19:30 – 21:00 Cocktail
6. If I decide to come along what sorts of things will I see?

You will see interesting speeches of very different kinds of experts in their field like Economist Nicolas Bouzou of SciencoPo Paris, Technologist and Author Serge Soudaloplatoff and Knowledge & Gaming Expert Idriss Aberkane. There will be also Jazz artist Antoine Hervé and a guitarist called Gazby and many more. At a Wiki Stage there could be almost anything, creativity and passion are the only limits!

7. Is it just listening to people talking or is there some kind of mixing?

In addition to listening and watching the performances there is space for discussion and networking with a very diverse audience and speakers. Especially the cocktail event after is meant for socializing and getting to know people.
8. What sorts of things will I do if I come along?

If you come along to the event you can listen, participate in discussions, comment, criticize and be inspired.You can meet new people and essentially learn new things. If you want to join organizing Wiki Stage you can also do many things from designing materials to promotion, being in contact with media etc.
9. If I want to come along, what should I do?

Just buy a ticket from here and bring yourself and your curious attitude on saturday 30th March to ESCP Europe campus with 400 others 🙂
10. It’s a non profit event, but you have to cover some basic overhead costs I suppose, how much will I pay if I’m a student under 26?

For students and people under 26 the price is 10e.
11. How much will I pay if I’m over 26?

The regular price of the ticket is 20e.
12. You know I’ve been taking my innovaton Masters students to Finland since 2000.  We went to the world’s first Mobile Monday event in the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki I think in 2001.  That soon became a world movement. It’s nice to see a World première of something here in Paris (for a change)!  Would Wiki Stage like to expand as well?

That is great! Yes Wiki Stage is definitely about expanding all over the world. Today, students at ESSEC, Ecole Centrale Paris, Panthéon Assas, ESCP Madrid, Cité Universitaire and even at Université Hassan II in Casablanca are currently preparing their own Wiki Stage events – March 30 will only be the start and world premiere of this brand-new initiative.

13. Who should we contact if we want to organise a Wiki Stage event ourselves.

You can be in contact through the website. Anyone from the Wiki Stage team can help you forward.
14. Thanks a lot for your time Annina. To find out more about this we should go to, right?

OUI 🙂 and please go and like the facebook page so you will get the news what is going on with Wiki Stage


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