The winner is Ben!

The winner of what?

Ben who?

The answer is here

It would have been nice if Ivan could have shared it though…

And I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing lots in the future from Gregor who really deserved to make the final cut.

My question, as I sat through the whole competition and watched these brilliant, young conductors in action under pressure and dealing with singers, choirs, pianists and orchestras, was could this be transposed to science, technology and innovation and still be thrilling?

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Someone who can brilliantly manage a heterogenous group of highly competent individuals in a highly stressful situation.

No. More than manage.

Obtain outstanding results.

Spiritual and moving.

Someone young with immense potential.

270 candidates applied. 20 were short listed. Then 12. Then 6. Now 3 are left.

One is British, one is French and one is Russian.

By Sunday we will know who has been selected and maybe also what for.


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LA=1, Af=2, Eu=6, As=10, USA =????


This is not some kind of an IQ test but a summary of the cover of this MIT article on the world’s 50 smartest companies (whatever that means)

Worth a brief read here. More for the user interface options than the contents…

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Un ancien ESIEE à la radio

Le nom de Yann Le Cun apparait de temps en temps dans ce blog à propos de IA et des controverses autour de ce sujet. On le trouve aussi lorsque le Spiegel ou The Economist parlent de l’avenir de l’IA.  Il est bien parti en tout cas pour gagner son pari de caisse de campagne à propos de l’arrivé des voitures autonomes!

Cet après midi il sera tout simplement interviewé sur France Culture dans l’émission La Méthode Scientifique à partir de 16 heures.

Si vous le loupez voici le lien!


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Turku, ITMP et ISBS

Pour quelques centaines d’anciens masteriens ITMP et, depuis quelques années pour les bioingenieurs ISBS, la semaine Finnovation ou Biofinnovation à Turku fait partie du cursus académique.  Pertti, Seppo, Eeva, Birgitta et les autres profs, entrepreneurs et étudiants nous y ont accueillis maintes foi avec chaleur, intelligence et enthousiasme.  La Kauppakorkeoulou, l’Yliopisto et l’Åbo Akademi, nous ont ouverts les portes et les réseaux. Data City, Bio City, Pharma City pareil.

Nous avons souvent flâné sur la place du marché. Kauppatori. En plein soleil, comme en tempête de neige! Parfois nous avons eu la chance de partager les milliers de casquettes blanches lancés dans l’air à 17 heures le jour du Vappu. Nous avons achetés des fruits, des fleurs, des souvenirs. Nous nous y sommes donnés rendez-vous pour aller boire un pot ou nous avons pris un bus pour aller au sauna d’hiver.

Plein de bons souvenirs.

Auxquels va se mêler désormais pour nous tous la tristesse ressentie au moment où nous avons appris par tel ou tel média que Turku aussi allait avoir droit à son étoile noire sur le firmament du 21 siècle.

Nos pensées et notre sympathie vont vers la Finlande. C’est encore un moment dans votre histoire où il vous faudra sortir votre arme secrète – le sisu. 


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Innovexit? Yes, but soft not hard.

Originally, a year or so ago, my idea was to stop everything to do with work and to focus only on music.  That was hard innovexit. But meeting and discussing with former ITMP students has softened that position. Listening to and discussing their plans, strategies, ideas for new and better projects is still great fun. And meaningful.

Today I had a great breakfast with Laurent Dalençon, ITMP2003, who has been working very successfully as a professional photographer in Spain for more than ten years.  He was in Paris for a short visit.

Laurent’s MAPCO was to make an extensive and sophisticated video documentary of our 2003 Finnovation trip. Already then he was passionate about multimedia.

Since then he has been doing all sorts of interesting multimedia projects mixing business and community related jobs and has many ideas for more.

We only scratched the surface, so I promised to visit him in Andalucia early next year to find out more.

So I guess post September 2017 will be a soft innovexit after all.

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The UK goes solar as G7 discussions beat about the bush.


An EDF researcher told me (off the record) a couple of years ago that the cost of photovoltaic production was dropping fast, and yields were rising, so that in-house EDF reports were forecasting dramatic electricity production restructuring in the years to come. That was in 2015.

Now this.

You can get the UK’s daily electricity production breakdown here.


And the France’s electricity grid here.

Also interesting.




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