Cours MSH 4204 mercredi 11 décembre


Demain, mercredi 11, il y aura peut être encore des problèmes dans les transports qui empêcheront certains de venir au cours de 13h.

Le but du cours est de partager avec vous les outils programme/antiprogramme (PAP) et réseaux d’acteurs (actor networks) afin de pouvoir les appliquer dans les enquêtes et autres missions que vous effectués dans ce cours.  (Accessoirement, ca peut aussi vous servir dans vos propres projets d’innovation ou de changement)

Pour être sur de pouvoir toucher tout le monde je vais me servir de mon blog pour vous sensibiliser à l’outil. Je vais également vous envoyer un ou deux cas que d’autres ESIEE ont traité avec l’approche PAP (programme-anti programme).

Bien à vous



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New actor enters Boris’ programme…

…well several actors in fact.

First of all his original programme to brexit yesterday’s deadline#3 , 31st October,  is dead in the water.

The new programme is to brexit as soon as possible.  Certainly before deadline #4 January 31st.

To achieve this he needed to persuade several new actors to join the programme and to eliminate a few more.

First the actor possible no deal Brexit was eliminated.

Then the actor 2/3 parliamentary majority was mobilised.

This was necessary to activate the actor general election on 12th December. This is Boris’ new actor.

He hopes this election will engender a future actor called big Conservative majority in parliament, which will enable Boris to get his Brexit deal #2 (Brexit deal#1, agreed by Theresa May in 2018, was never accepted by the Parliament, forcing her to resign as Prime Minister) passed and give him 5 years of smooth sailing.

There are some anti programmes!

At the moment all the other political parties are in the anti-programme. If all of them put together win a majority of seats in parliament then Boris may not become prime minister.


He makes some kind of a deal – a Leave Alliance – with the Brexit Party, whose leader, Nigel Farage, wants the Prime Minister to drop Johnson’s recent Brexit deal#2 and replace it with a very « hard » Brexit deal #3 before 1 July 2020. Farage calls Boris’ Brexit deal #2 the Surrender Treaty,  and his Brexit deal#3 he calls No deal.

If not…

Farage promises that there will be 500+ Brexit Party candidates in every parliamentary constituency who will take votes away from the Conservative Party candidates, which will make it easier for the other parties (Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Scottish Nationalist Party, Plaid Cymru (Welsh) Party, etc.) to win even more seats and probably defeat the Conservative Party.

An important actor called marginal seats is involved here. This is a parliamentary seat where the vote will be very close and a small shift could make the Conservative Party (or Labour Party) lose the seat.  Without the Brexit Alliance the Brexit Party’s 500 candidates will endanger Conservative Party marginal seats. With the Brexit Alliance the Brexit Party will focus its candidates on Labour Party marginal seats. This will help the Conservative Party win more seats.

If there is no Brexit Alliance and the Conservative Party loses many marginal seats on December 12th, then Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party will probably become Prime Minister and he has promised to negotiate a « soft » Brexit deal #4 before the summer. Then there will be a new Referendum #2 (Referendum#1 you remember was in June 2016) with 2 options: Brexit Deal#4 or No Brexit.


Boris’ new actor general election on December 12th may, in fact, replace the actor Brexit with the actor No Brexit.

We will try to track this programme-antiprogramme in the coming days, weeks and months!


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Almost all solo proposition received plus…

…one (excellent) final assignment.

That’s good news because it means you did think about it a bit before you entered the vortex of the Turku online course, which I too will be joining next week.

I think most of you have demonstrated you understand the differences « between role » and « interest » and « buy in » and « added value » but we will see when the final deliverables start to come in.

If there’s something you’re unsure about the assignment – just drop me a line – preferably with a version 1 I can comment.



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Final solo assignment 2 small, extra features please

I was thinking in ANT terms about a project I have to give a small piano recital of 5 or 6 fully memorised pieces of classical music.  (Very, very difficult for me even with simple pieces) That is my « programme ». You could say I am 1/6 of the way to success because now I finally memorised the first piece on Friday. So my programme anti programme dashboard looks like this:

> < < < < <

But, I thought, what do I mean by « success »?

Yesterday I would have said. « success » = successfully memorise.

This morning I decided « Success » means being able to play each piece meaningfully and faultlessly  under stressful recital conditions – with an audience – in a way that « pleases their ear ». With that definition I’m only 1/12 of the way (that’s an estimate of course) there and my anti programme looks like this

> < < < < < < < < < < < 

So the 2 obligatory features I’d like you to add to your final assignment are

a) in the introductory paragraph which describes your innovation provide : a full explanation of what « 100% success » in your example means


b) in your final conclusion add an estimation of how successful your innovation in the light of your definition of success (0%? 25%? 50%? 75%? 100%?) 


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Degree of buy in and added value of actors or…

…degree of hostility and nuisance value.

When you describe these in your programme anti-programme analysis for each actor you should both quantify and qualify your comments.

Quantify means putting on a scale like « high », « medium » or « low » or +++, ++, +,  0, -, –, —.

Qualify means briefly explaining why this actor had high buy in or medium nuisance value etc.

That way I know you can do a really complete profile of each actor.

And remember if you really can’t do it or don’t know what to say you should say so (something like « impossible to judge »)  but never leave it blank.

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Les controverses sont en excellente santé

C’est un grand plaisir de contempler les Pyrénées tous les matins depuis plus de deux ans en sachant que le cours de première année ESIEE sur les controverses est en si bonnes mains! Aussi de voir les élèves E1 faire un travail si créatif et bien médiatisé.

C’était une chance d’avoir eu Lionel Villard dans l’équipe et encore plus lorsqu’il a accepté de prendre le « leadership » sur ce cours après mon départ.

En attendant le démarrage de la version 2020, voici le « best of » des affiches que Lionel vient de mettre en ligne sur le beau site web (orné par le dessin de Christelle Fritz, ITMP 2008).


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8 IPM1 solo assignment proposals so far and…

…I’m glad I asked for this intermediate step. It seems to be clearing up the tendency to confuse « added value » and « degree of buy in » and also between « an actor’s role in the project »  « an actor’s interests ».

Here’s some general feedback on what I’ve received so far.

It’s easier for me to see how well these concepts have been understood if they are in the form of a table rather than woven into a paragraph.

Most of you have chosen to give examples of human actors. It will be interesting to see how you cope with describing the interests of non human actors! If you find this impossible to do then please say so in the box. Don’t just leave it blank.

Don’t forget that your innovation must figure as a (non human) actor. If it evolves over time and gains or loses certain features or qualities as the story unfolds, you should make that clear in the diagrams.

Please contact me in case you want other clarifications.

Remember the online course starts next week and that will no doubt swallow you up lots of your time!


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